Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Birds of a Feather

Flying geese in front of some dark, rain clouds on the weekend.


Le Subber said...

Love this blog. I'm a Reginan (originally from Moose Jaw) and I've been away, teaching in Korea, for over seven months. There are times where I miss home terribly, but I very much enjoy the pictures you post. Love the one of the church by the Ukrainian Coop, and anything involving Wascana and/or the Leg. Take care :)

Mountain Mama said...

This is a nice shot. I just scrolled down and checked out your pictures, My favorites are Prairie Sunset, A Touch Of Frost and Advice From A Tree.

I was surfing the net, looking for info on Regina, to help me put together a genealogy report for my son in law and happened upon your blog.
I'm so glad I did. I enjoyed your photography. Thanks for sharing.
You can find me at:

The Letter A said...

le subber - Funny you should mention the Ukrainian Co-op, I was just there yesterday to pick up some of their sausage, pepperoni, and perogies. Glad that you found this blog and if you have any picture requests, let me know.

mountain mama - Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. Good luck with the genealogy report.