Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Prairie Sunset

The prairie sunset on the way home from work the other evening. We have some beautiful sunsets and sunrises in Saskatchewan and we are known as the Land of Living Skies.


Bergson said...

The day of the luminous skys

Max-e said...

That is a beautiful sunset, and do I still see snow? Is the whole countryside that flat, or do you have mountains?

The Letter A said...

Yes, we still have snow. I hope it will melt pretty soon. I am ready for Spring. Yes, Saskatchewan is pretty much flat prairies, there are no mountains here. You have to go West to Alberta and BC to see the Rocky Mountians which are absolutley beautiful. Saskatchewan has many different areas, from flat prairies to thick forest areas and tundra way up north. I have yet to see a lot of my own province and I hope to change that soon. I would love to go up North, some of the best fly-in fishing in the country as well as great white water rapids I have been told.