Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eclispe of the Moon

Partial eclipse of the moon.

Getting closer to the total eclispe.

On the bottom picture, the "star" to the lefthand side of the moon is actually Saturn. I tried to get more pictures of the total elcipse, but my camera is kind of plain and it is -20 degrees Celsius outside tonight which makes for quick trips outside to try and get a good shot. Hope you all got a chance to go outside and see the eclispe as well. The next one will be December 21, 2010.


MumbaiiteAnu said...

Beautiful. There's something mesmerising about the moon. One can stand and stare at it for hours.

Gerald (SK14) said...

I'm very envious

We had five days of clear night skys and then just when we want one the *%$£*@@* clouds come and we can't see a darned thing.

I'd have probably slept through it anyway.

The Letter A said...

Anu - It was a beautiful thing to watch and I am grateful for the clear skies that we had.

Hyde DP - I missed the eclipse this past August due to cloudy skies, so I can understand your frustrations.

Have a great weekend!


That eclipse was amazing. Luckily we had clear skies that night as I am in Chicago.

The Letter A said...

mma blaster - It was pretty cool to watch.

Thanks for stopping by