Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Creation of Turtle Island

Life-sized alabaster and bronze sculpture by Cree artist, Lloyd Pinay. The sculpture incorporates characters and elements from the many different versions of the Wi sa ke cahk and the Creation of Turtle Island story.

The Trickster is a principal character in many First Nations' stories. He is known as Wi sa ke cahk to the Cree, Nanabush to the Saulteaux, Inktome to the Dakota and Nakota, and Sagija'k to the Dene.

After causing a great flood, Wi sa ke cahk was left alone with three animals a beaver, an otter, and a muskrat. He sent the first two beneath the waters to retrieve a piece of earth, but they failed. The muskrat succeeded, but died in the attempt. Wi sa ke cahk used the bit of earth to restore the land and its inhabitants. Grandmother Turtle plays an important role, for she forms the basis for the new earth.

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