Monday, October 29, 2007

Haunted Regina - The Assiniboia Club

1925 Victoria Avenue is home to the Assiniboia Club; as well as Crave, a wine bar . The Assiniboia Club is Regina's premier private social club. Years ago, the Assiniboia Club was a private gentlemen’s club and women were prohibited from entering. It is rumoured that back in the day's of "men only", a local prostitute was murdered in the club and is said to haunt the building to this day.


Max-e said...

Hi interestiing post. We had two gentlemen's clubs in Port Elizabeth. Not my scene. The one that allowed woman to become members survived, the other one became extinct in the 1990's.
Imagine being so narrow minded in this day and age

The Letter A said...

It is hard to imagine. I am not sure when the Assiniboia opened its doors to women, I think in the 1980's. Not sure if it would still be around otherwise - you never know.

Have a great weekend!

jmintuck said...

I am NOT going back there with their exceptionally RUDE AND SLOW service and yucky food.